Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Good and the Bad

For those of you that have not read the book and want to avoid any spoilers - DO NOT READ the below reviews and comments as they will potentially ruin some surprises for you. But if you don't mind a few plot lines being spoiled, continue on.

Firstly, I got a lovely review from Angieleigh over on Once Upon a Book [link will direct you straight to said review] and I was quite pleased with it. 

Then, I stumbled upon a not-so-pleasant review from Elizabeth at Wading Through Electronic Ink. I am still thankful they read and reviewed my book, and I don't mind having a bad review, I know that not everyone is going to enjoy my book[s], however giving the wrong impression of what happens throughout the story is a little upsetting. My main disappointment here was that a lot of  what she said was inaccurate, and makes me wonder if she rushed through the book too quickly, missed some parts completely, or skimmed a bit.

After telling the plot she says: 'This is what happens in the first five page of this novel. I rebel against the system that says a novel must grip you in the first five pages, and I would never review a book without reading the entire thing.' This especially bothered me, as that is incredibly incorrect. Alexis doesn't even meet Salem until the third chapter which is in fact fifteen pages into the book. At this point she knows nothing about him other than he is the new boy at school.

'It's actually a common problem I run into among YA paranormal romance where I just don't believe that two people are really in love. I think anyone trying to write one should implement a three day rule. - also inaccurate. 

The romance between them begins well after three days - and there is more to it than just falling in love, they do have things in common [music, books, etc.], and the sole reason behind Salem living in this specific town in Colorado is because his Sire [the vampire who turned him] saw him in a vision in this town with this particular girl as a couple. She says that they move in together in mere days, but in fact they do not move in together until chapter 12 - nearly halfway through the book. This is at first due more to situation than to love, they do not fall in love until even later than this.

'Other than the fact that she decided she could skip school as much as she wanted once she had a rich boyfriend and became a vampire hunter. I thought we all learned from season 6 of Buffy that slaying the undead does not pay the bills, even if you already own a house. And relying on a man for your income is totally passe. I feel like Alex definitely needed an 80's public service announcement to tell her to "Be cool. Stay in school."

Alex doesn't rely on Salem for income, or housing - he isn't rich, either. In fact, he has no money. At this point of her new found situation she still has money leftover from what her 'mom' left her, and as far as the necessities such as food goes - I thoroughly explain that as well. As far as dropping out of school right before graduation, it happens a lot. Sure it may have been smarter for her to finish, especially so close to the end, but with what all is happening in her life it is too much and she just does not care anymore. Salem helps her lie to miss about two weeks of school, citing a lingering flu. After this Alexis decides to drop completely.

Regardless of all of this, I do truly appreciate the time and understand that not everyone is going to enjoy my novel[s]. I am okay with getting a two and a half star review, heck I am fine with getting a one star review [and I know I will get plenty]. However I just wanted to highlight a couple of the points I found odd, considering the book contains opposites to it. There are a few more that are opposite of the portrayal in the book, but these were the most prevalent few.

Thank you again to both Angieleigh and Elizabeth, you were my first two reviews and I will remember you both fondly forever.

You have to take the good with the bad I always say.


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