Monday, April 09, 2012


The last time I had an actual blog was probably when I was thirteen, which was ten years ago. Most of the topics on there were in relation to ordinary things you would see from a thirteen-year-old - nothing anyone would really be interested in reading beyond the select few personal friends I had on there. So, I am a very inexperienced blogger! Most of my "blogging" nowadays involves pointless surveys that I thoroughly enjoy answering for whatever bizarre reason. 

I think I shall begin by introducing myself, and explaining a little of who I am and what I do.

My pen name is K.A. Poe, which is just my first and middle initials and my last name. My two siblings and I used to have the exact same initials until I was married. We were all K.A.G. Kayla Arynn, Kyle Alexander and Kaitlyn Ambre-Marie. I made myself a promise to never do that to my children if ever I have more than one XD I have been writing short stories and poetry since as far as I can remember. It has always been a passion of mine to write and to someday have my books on the shelves - for now they may be virtual, but perhaps someday there will be physical copies for people to enjoy. For roughly four years, I dedicated all of my time to writing poetry and sharing it on a website called AllPoetry, I made a lot of friends there as well as fans. It's been a while since I last wrote a poem, but I won a lot of virtual trophies from entering contests on the website and had quite the fan base. 

Now I stick to writing stories. I have a fantasy series relating to a prince, a potion-brewer, and a long quest to save the King which I began writing on and off back in 2005. I completed the novel in 2010 and it is going through the editing and formatting process, but I am putting the Nevermore series ahead of it in terms of importance right now. Whilst in the middle of writing the sequel to my fantasy novel, I got really tired of the genre and my husband [Adam] suggested that I open a new document and just write whatever came to mind. Fortunately, the night before I had a dream that I couldn't quite get out of my head so I began writing something in relation to what occurred in the dream, and that is where the beginning chapter of Twin Souls came from. So, I stopped writing the sequel to my other book and became obsessed with writing Twin Souls. The more I wrote, more dreams manifested over night and brought on new ideas that helped me further develop the story. While my fantasy book took me five years to complete [this is thanks to finishing high school, bonding with my at-the-time-boyfriend [now husband], and other life matters], Twin Souls took roughly three months to write, edit and format. I am now about 85% done writing the second book in the Nevermore series, and once I am done I shall begin editing and soon have a second book published. I expect to have at least three novels in the series, unless something persuades me to write further books.

Outside of writing, I enjoy playing computer games such as Sims 3, Skyrm and World of Warcraft. My husband and I were avid W.O.W. players for four years before we got a little burnt out [not to mention we had a newborn baby to tend to and that took away time from playing], but we are anticipating the release of the next expansion. The first few weeks after buying Skyrim, I was hooked and stayed up well into the night [beyond 2am] playing, but have since then taken a break to focus on my writing. I also enjoy reading, of course. My favorite series is Harry Potter, and I don't think anything will ever replace my love for the wizarding world of Hogwarts ♥ 

I temporarily pondered the thought of attending culinary school for baking and cake design, but decided that baking was something I would prefer doing as a hobby, not a job. So, instead of focusing on college I spend my time writing and making a 'career' out of that. After all, we only live once and I believe it should be spent doing whatever makes us happiest :) 

On another note - I have a few more book reviews lined up for the upcoming months, but there isn't a set time for when they will be released. I will, however, update as soon as I know! I believe they will be out just in time for the release of book two, so hopefully that will encourage readers to partake in reading Twin Souls in preparation for the sequel :D


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