Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I was just out watering my flowers and thought 'I have been wanting something to post about on my blog, aside from my book, so why not share some information and photos of my little garden?' I had been looking for some sort of little hobby outside [no pun intended :P] of writing, and my husband suggested I try gardening - my only issue with it was the possibility of bees, as I tend to have a slight fear of them... but so far hanging my laundry outside has attracted more bees than my flowers have. 

Day One - February 23rd

There are five pansies and one ranunculus. There is also the little gnome, which I had to have. I have been playing World of Warcraft [on hiatus currently] for about four years, and all of my characters [that can be] are Gnomes, and I have grown a love for the little creatures so I of course needed one in my garden! His name is Gnorbert :) 

Here they are now - April 3rd

Sadly, my ranunculus did not make it through the hail storm we experienced a few weeks ago :( But I am amazed at how fast my pansies have grown! I am hoping to get some more to add to it soon :) 


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