Saturday, November 02, 2013

Layout, Disneyland, Ephemeral

If anyone has visited my blog within the last week, you may have noticed that the layout was a bit of a mess. For the longest time, I disliked the layout that was in use - it was too bright, too bland, and just not very fitting. On Tuesday night, I sat down and went through countless different templates, trying to find one that I liked...I found a few; however, none of them worked. I couldn't figure out what was causing the issue, but any time I attempted to apply a new template, I received an error. I requested assistance from Blogger, as well as fellow Blogger users via the support forums...all to no avail. Then, on Thursday night, after a long night of trick-or-treating with my three-year-old daughter, I sat down and toyed around with templates again. Hours were spent trying to figure it all out, and again, I failed to figure out just what was causing the error. It didn't matter what format the template was in; it simply was not working! So, in a roundabout way, I gave up. Instead of applying a custom template, I decided just to settle temporarily for one of the provided ones...after setting it up to look decent, I groaned and said 'This just isn't right. I don't like it.' and I went back and tried one last time to upload the template I had found. 

AND IT WORKED! By some miracle, it worked! I was so relieved. 

I spent the next couple of hours configuring all the links and images, before rushing off to bed at around two in the morning. Now, I have finally set it up to be just how I want it, and I am pleased with the way everything looks. 

On to other good news! 

Ephemeral is still in the editing process, but it is coming along nicely and should be out soon. My editor plans to dedicate his entire day tomorrow [outside of other importances] in hopes of having it completed by that evening. I have my fingers crossed that the book will be released this week, but if it isn't...I do have a good reason for why not... 


For those who are unaware [which is nearly everyone who reads this, outside of my close friends and relatives], I absolutely adore Disney. I have been dreaming of seeing Cinderella's Castle since I was a child, despite her not being among my top favorite princesses...that's irrelevant, right? I hope that I am not disappointed, as when I think of Disneyland, I think of magic and wonder and all things grand. I was not at all expecting to be visiting the theme park this year, or any time soon, but my husband and I will be in California already, and he decided to surprise me with the news that we would be going :D Needless to say, I was ecstatic. 

I hope that it doesn't delay the release of Ephemeral, but if by some chance it does, then it will be out the following week. I am incredibly excited to have this book released, as I feel that it will appeal to many people...readers who already enjoy my Nevermore series, and hopefully many new ones! 


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