Friday, November 15, 2013

New Series Title

My editor is working hard on getting Ephemeral out this weekend, so keep your eyes open for posts about that. I have my fingers mentally crossed that it will be available Saturday... Sunday at the latest. However, I'm not making any promises, because it's not entirely in my hands right now.

While I am on the topic of Ephemeral, I also wanted to mention that my editor brought up something that I wanted to share. The series title needs a change, a more fitting name--and I agreed wholeheartedly. 'Hazel Grove' was essentially a spot holder from the beginning, as I was at somewhat of a loss for what to call the series, but now I have a fitting title.

That being said... I have some work to do. I need to edit the cover for Ephemeral to show the new series title! Fortunately, that's easy... In fact, it's already done ;]

In other news... The trip to California was amazing. I met some friends whom I have only known through the internet, one of which I've known for seven years online. It wasn't weird to me at all; I felt like I was hanging out with people I'd been around my whole life. I felt entirely spoiled the whole time, after being taken out to eat almost every day, and getting presents from Disneyland.

The best part about Disneyland was the Haunted Mansion ride, as it was decked out in The Nightmare before Christmas goodies--and I adore that movie. Speaking of which, I 'met' Jack & Sally! Normally, I wouldn't be that thrilled about something like that. I'm aware that they are just people in costumes, but they were more than just that. They were both in character, and it made the moment so much better. I wish I had been in a state where I could have followed along with their story, but even though I said some pretty plain things in response, it was still a neat experience. Another ride I enjoyed was The Matterhorn--especially the yetis. There was only one ride that I refused to board, and that was Space Mountain, as I am terrified I will have a panic attack going on a roller coaster that does loops and things.

The store was obviously overpriced, but I brought back a Sorcerer Mickey Mouse for my three-year-old, my husband got me a Mickey Mouse dressed as Jack Skellington, and my friend Zacci got me an adorable 'chibi' Eeyore.

It was a much needed--and greatly appreciated--vacation. I'm ready to go on another fun-filled vacation!


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