Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have dedicated as much time as possible to writing in the last two days and have successfully pushed my book progress from 85% to 100%! I can hardly fathom the fact that I am finally done writing it.

Twin Souls took almost exactly a month to write, while the sequel [the title of which I shall reveal at the end of the post ;)] took roughly a month and a half. Now comes the editing and formatting, which may take up to a month to ensure it is as perfect as possible.

I am also looking into having a professional cover done for Twin Souls. While some people [including myself, but perhaps I am being biased because I made it] like the current cover that is in use, others have said it does not fit the category and is not very eye-catching. So don't be surprised if Twin Souls suddenly has a new cover in a few months! :) 

There should also be some further good news later this afternoon, so long as it plays out as I hope...but more on that later.

And without further ado, I present to you the title to the sequel to Twin Souls!

In the upcoming month or two, expect to see Hybrid - Book Two in the Nevermore Series available for purchasing! :) 


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