Saturday, March 30, 2013

One Year!

As of today, I have officially been published for an entire year! 

It has been a very exciting, interesting journey that I intend to continue throughout the rest of my life! There is nothing in the world that I enjoy more than writing and sharing my stories with the world. As mentioned in the blog post my husband wrote [which can be found here], Destiny has been completed as far as writing goes and is about to go through the editing stage - I hope to have it released with the next couple of weeks. 

Following the end of Nevermore, I have the first novel in my young adult epic fantasy trilogy in preparation for release this summer. While that is going through editing, I will be focusing on the second book in the trilogy, then the third...and we shall see from there! 

Fear not, lovers of Nevermore - while Alexis's story is finished, there is plenty to follow-up on with some very specific key characters that you will discover within Destiny :] That shall be my focus after Avarial, unless something else distracts me. 

And speaking of Avarial, here is the beautiful cover that was created by the magnificent artist Keith! He will also be designing the covers for the rest of the trilogy :] 


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