Monday, March 18, 2013


During this past week's book promotions, Twin Souls made it up to #23 among the top Top 100 Free in Kindle Store on Amazon! While I hoped to have reached a higher ranking, I am beyond pleased with the results! I have made more sales this month than ever in the past :]

Destiny is coming along nicely. I was battling with a bout of writer's block but I seem to have pushed through that barrier and managed a huge chunk of words yesterday [3,248] and am continuing on today!

A friend of mine delivered a helpful message to me last night that really made me feel better about pacing myself with writing -

It's the quality of the words that count, not the quantity, don't push yourself! 

That is a great message for all authors to follow :]

Also, I have two professionally made book covers in the process done by 'Keith Draws', for my upcoming epic fantasy series. They should be ready for my viewing by the end of this week - I am thrilled and cannot wait to see the outcome!


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