Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brief Change of Course

I have hit a temporary spot of writer's block in the process of writing the fourth book in the Nevermore series. So far, I am only sixteen pages into the story! This is quite unusual for me, as the first three books were written quickly...but there are so many ways that I can write this book, and I am struggling between a few of those options. 

Therefore, in the meantime, I am focusing on a different book - which I am one hundred and twenty-two pages into writing and have dedicated a lot of time to recently. Fear not, however! Nevermore shall continue, I just need to do some brainstorming and perhaps get some outside opinions from some close friends who know the way the story is headed. 

I am attempting to write *at least* 1,500 words a day, whether it be in my new book, or in Nevermore

So far this month, after getting over a sinus infection, I have made a lot of progress [excluding yesterday where I didn't quite reach my goal] - 

January 20 - 3,659 words 
January 21 - 1,575 words 
January 22 - 3,275 words 
January 23 - 1,188 words 

Time to do some brainstorming, outlining, and plotting for book four. I can't keep my fans waiting for too long!


A.M.Gault said...

Wow! That is quite a bit of writing. By the way I love the new background. Beautiful!

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