Sunday, July 08, 2012

Review & Spotlight

I was browsing Google about thirty minutes ago to see if anything has recently been posted about either of my novels - and I was pleased to come across two new posts about it! 

Firstly, we have a review from Stories of My Life, which gave Twin Souls a three star rating and several pleasant comments - 

Salem is a non-human-biting vampire, but before you compare him to Twilight, that's the only thing they have in common. Salem likes to take care of Alex and to pamper her, and when she's in danger it'll drive him up the wall...but he'll also respect her and allow her to act on her own, even if he thinks the risks are too great or would rather just be by her side and spare her the ordeal. I liked that. I also liked that he wasn't this all-knowing old boy, and his special powers? I definitely want to read more about that. 

The fact that she didn't become a kick-ass hunting ace right away is a huge bonus point! 

Then, I spotted a brief little spotlight over on Jeanz Book Read & Review. All it is is a copy of the blurb from Good Reads, but I appreciate the spotlight and hope that it intrigues some more people into reading my book[s]! 


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