Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Review & Good News~

Today, I received a marvelous four and a half star review from Cecilia at Rather Barefoot than Bookless, and I will admit that I was as giddy as a little girl the whole time I read it! It was a good way to wake up :) [view review here

Here are a few comments on her behalf : 

First I need to say that, yes, part of the book reminded me of Twilight. But Poe really made this her own story and even though a few things reminded me of Twilight, she made it her own and she did it good! 

I love the story between Alex and Salem! They are both intriguing characters and Salem does have that mysterious vibe about him that just makes you love him more! Alex is a strong female but she is not aware of it but when she comes to terms with what she is by blood and when she sort of accept it she also finds her strength! 

Then, not shortly afterward, my husband informed me that she also posted a 'Teaser Tuesday' involving Twin Souls. I was ecstatic when I found out! [view teaser here

And to make today an even more exciting day, beyond battling an army of ants that invaded through my back door, I was hard at work completing my final read-through of Hybrid and am happy to announce that it will be going through the formatting process tonight and then submitted to Amazon immediately afterward! So expect to see Hybrid, Book Two of the Nevermore Series on Amazon soon! 

I am also getting very close to finishing the third book, and hopefully it won't take as long to edit. 

That is all of my book-related news for the moment. Tomorrow I am taking my mother-in-law to the airport after she visited for a little over a month. It will be sad to see her leave, and my daughter Emily will be very disappointed :( 


cecilia pedersen said...

Well now you totally made my day ;)
Thank you for naming me in your post!
I can´t wait for book two in nevermore series!

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